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Finding friends in the Heroes fandom

Heroes Add Me
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An add me comm for the Heroes fandom
This community is now located on Livejournal.com and Dreamwidth.org under the same name. If you are not a member of LJ, you can make an account here. If you are not a member of DW, you can get an invite code here to make an account.
Modeled after fandom_addme, add_a_writer, hp_add_me, fanficaddme, gameraddme animeaddme_18, startrek_add_me and heroes_add_me. This add me community is specifically for Heroes.

What is an "ADD ME" community?
An 'add me' community is where members can post introductions and re-introductions in an effort to find and add new Livejournal friends.

About Us:
This is an add me community focused on the Heroes fandom. It is a place where you can post a mini-bio about yourself in order to meet and add other fans.

If you are looking for a fun way to add people to your friends list who have similar interests, hobbies, location and more, then please join us! Whether you are a het or slash shipper, a writer, reader or graphics maker - we hope you will find other like minded friends here.

When you join, feel free to make a post introducing yourself. Please do not advertise other communities, sell stuff, or post spam. All posts should stay on topic and off topic posts will be deleted. This community is not for updating as you would your normal journal. It is for introducing yourself and re-introducing yourself as needed, in order to gain other fandom friends.

1. You must join the community in order to see the posts or to make a post yourself.
2. Be nice/polite/respectful. It's a community for making friends!
3. Keep posts on topic with intros and re-introductions only
4. Use the form provided to post.
5. Answer as many of the questions in the form as you like.
6. If your answers are exceptionally long or if you have included graphics/images, please use an lj-cut.
7. Feel free to get to know each other in the comments of the posts. If you add someone, comment on their post so they know where the add is coming from.
8. If you have an active friending meme or community - you may contact the mods about advertising here.
9. Have fun and meet new friends.

Posting Form:
What's in your journal:
What rating is your journal:
Favourite Heroes character(s):
Favourite Heroes pairing(s):
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom:
Friending policy:
Where to add you: (lj, tumblr, dw, etc)
What you do in fandom:
Other fandoms you like:
Other comms you like:
Anything else you'd like to share:
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